Formed in 2004, 1833 AD has been the pioneers in Black Metal in India. Inspired by the black metal sounds of the 80s and the 90s, the band took its time shaping the sound of their brand of black metal, experimenting with different Guitarists and Drummers. The band's first single "Silver" was raking in rave reviews and air play on radio even before the band started performing live on stage.

The band had struggled from the beginning in getting a stable drummer who would complete the sound of 1833 AD. Puneet Rajput lent the band a helping hand and performed live as part of 1833 AD along with the initial shaping of the sound of the band. However, he quit the band within a year and the band found itself on an excruciating hunt for the perfect drummer which ended with Shashank Sagar, who had played an important role in framing the direction of the band, but quit due to his drug problems and interest in pursuing the Depressive Suicidal Black Metal genre. After a fatal overdose which almost cost him his life, he got his act together and started concentrating more on Music, and expressed interest to rejoin the band. After regrouping to its core line up 1833 AD started playing live in a matter of few weeks and took the metal scene by storm once again.

In less than a year after regrouping at the end of 2010, the band embarked on its first successful multi-city tour, the "End of Time tour" to promote their EP "End of Time" recorded at Grey Studios with Anupam Roy. The success of their EP led them to get an opportunity to reach out to International markets by headlining the "Black Mass Festival 2011" in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The band was getting geared up to wreck havoc at the festival but was cut short when Shashank Sagar had to part with the band due to certain personal reasons.

The band was on the verge of cancelling their appearance at the festival when they met Raghav Sehgal who was suggested by their producer and friend Anupam Roy. The band was well received in Sri Lanka and came out stronger with Raghav handling the drum responsibilities for the band ever since. The band spent the rest of the year 2011 composing new material and entered Grey studios with Anupam Roy to finish recording their monumental full length release "My Dark Symphony"

A concept album containing 3 chapters based on the Indian Mythology of the Creator (Brahma), Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). The band released "My Dark Symphony" on the 16th of June, 2012 while playing at the first chapter of Wacken Open Air festival in India called as Bangalore Open Air. This marked the birth of Black Metal in India and marked the bands breakthrough into International territories. 2012 was a strong year for 1833 AD with another major festival appearance at NEPFEST in Kathmandu, Nepal alongside Nervecell (Dubai) and the legendary Polish metallers, Decapitated.

The year 2013 has seen 1833 AD going from strength to strength with their album getting rave reviews from both the local as well as International press as well as a number of awards (Rolling Stone Metal awards, Radio City Freedom awards) for their intricate album artwork which is an integral part of the album designed by the famed Ruben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia).